Directions to K4U.12, Strand Campus, King's College London...

Over the years, the DigiPal Symposium has convenved in a number of different venues, from the Council Room at our very own King's College London to the salubrious and welcoming surroundings of the University of Westminster. This time around, to celebrate our "iron" anniversary, we've gone for stylish and have managed to secure the wittily named K4U.12 on the Strand Campus.[1] While K4U.12 has a lot of obvious things going for it, a slight drawback is locating the room in the warren that is the Strand bulding. So... here is another installment in our ever-popular series "how do I find the room?". We hope the step-by-step photoguide below will assist in your quest to... well... find the room. Are you browsing comfortably? Then we'll begin.

First of all, you'll need to make your way to the entrance to the Strand campus of King's College London (WC2R 2LS). See the map below.

The next step is to navigate your way safely through the revolving doors at the front of the building:

Once through, you'll spy a reception/help desk to the right of you. Keep walking straight, ignoring the lifts on your right:

You'll pass under a reddish crossbeam and pillars and will find yourself heading down a long corridor, past a cupboard containing cleaning materials on your left (don't panic if you miss this landmark):

Travel down the corridor for several minutes: 

You'll come to an entrance on the left which gives access to some lifts. Turn left in this direction:

Next, call a lift, and enter (photo unavailable, leaving this as an exercise to the reader).

Press the button numbered 4 to instruct the transportation device to ascend to the fourth floor:

Exit the lift and turn right:

And then continue down the corridor, ignoring the staircase on your right:

Ahead of you, you'll see some stairs that, in the interests of efficient navigation, it would be preferable that you did not ignore. Proceed toward these:

Walk up the flight of stairs, being careful not to collide with the other participants (not illiustrated) who will no doubt be as keen as you to scramble to the Symposium:

You are nearly there. Ahead of you, you will see a door. Open it[2], and enter:

You have arrived at your destination. Congratulations!

Very much looking forward to seeing you in K4U.12!

[1] K4U presumably textspeak for "King's For You". See what they did there?

[2] If the door is already open, you may wish to skip this step.


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