Models of Authority at Kalamazoo 2016 (updated)

The Models of Authority and Exon Domesday projects will be represented at the 51st International Congress of Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo in 2016. As already reported, we have two sessions, on the Sunday morning. Details are below, and we hope to see you there:

Sunday, May 15, 8:30–10:00am
Session 494, Fetzer 1005

  1. Models of Authority: Searching Questions for Medieval Scottish Charters, Stewart J. Brookes, King's College London
  2. What Order Are My Pages? Bringing Codicology to DigiPal, Peter A. Stokes, King’s College London
  3. Visualizing Manuscript Content through the Collation Project, Dorothy Carr Porter, Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies

Sunday, May 15, 10:30am–noon
Session 522, Fetzer 1005

  1. Visualizing the Roman de la Rose Digital Library: New Pathways to Manuscript Studies, Kristen Mapes, Michigan State Univ.
  2. Scaling Up: Macroanalysis and Manuscripts, Benjamin L. Albritton, Stanford Univ. Libraries
  3. Beyond 2D: Representing the Materiality of Medieval Manuscripts, William F. Endres, Univ. of Oklahoma

Plus... earlier in the week, a member of the Models of Authority team willl be speaking about the project as part of a roundtable:

Friday, May 13 1.30pm-3pm

Session 235, Fetzer 1045

"Technologies of Reading: Theorizing Manuscript Study after the Digital Turn"

A roundtable discussion with Benjamin L. Albritton, Stanford Univ.; Stewart J. Brookes, King’s College London; Johanna M. E. Green, Univ. of Glasgow; Andrew Prescott, Univ. of Glasgow; Elizabeth Robertson, Univ. of Glasgow; and Robin Sutherland-Harris, Univ. of Toronto, with a response by Dorothy Kim, Vassar College. 


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