Programme for The Image of Cursive Handwriting: A One Day Workshop

Venue: The Council Room, King's College London, Strand WC2R 2RS

Date: Thursday 3rd September 2015

Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm

Co-sponsor: Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies, King's College London

Models of Authority: Scottish Charters and the Emergence of Government, 1100-1250 are delighted to host the Séminaire permanent “Écritures cursives”/Workshop on Cursive Handwriting, an open, informal, international workshop that focuses upon the various aspects of cursivity and its role in the evolution of handwriting in the Latin West during the Middle Ages. The first meeting of the workshop was held in Paris in 2006; subsequent meetings have taken place in Florence, Cambridge, Seville, Paris, Udine and Pisa. The meetings comprise a combination of short presentations and informal discussion. The theme for this workshop is the image of cursive handwriting and its significance. The presentations will focus upon the use of cursive handwriting or elements of cursivity in specific contexts or instances in which the visual appearance of the script may have been regarded as having a particular significance, conveying a message that either reinforced or gave additional expression to the words recorded and to the function of the written artefact. It is hoped that the discussion will engage with the methodological issues involved in establishing whether the choice or appearance of cursive handwriting had any semiotic significance, and what that significance may have been. 


10am-10.30am: Registration and coffee

10.30am: Welcome and Introduction

10.40am-12.40pm: Session 1

      Chair: Dauvit Broun (Glasgow)

  • Tessa Webber (Cambridge): "The significance of cursive elements in the handwriting of Scottish charters, c. 1150-c. 1250"
  • Irene Ceccherini (Oxford): "An Italian notary and his choice of cursive scripts"
  • David Rundle (University of Essex): "The English and the cursive uses of Humanistic script"

12.40pm Dominique Stutzmann (Paris) will provide a brief introduction to his new project: automated indexing of cursive scripts: the HIMANIS project (JPI Cultural Heritage, 2015-2017) on the French royal chancery registers (13th-15th centuries) 

1pm-2pm: Lunch (provided)

2pm-3.30pm: Session 2

      Chair: Dominique Stutzmann (Paris)

  • David Ganz (Cambridge): "Cursive as book script in Merovingian Francia"
  • Marc Smith (Paris): "Cursivity in early-modern copybooks (mainly French)"

3.30pm-4pm: Tea

4pm-5pm: Round-table/general discussion

      Chair: Julia Crick (London)

Registration is free and we'll provide refreshments and a sandwich lunch. A very few places are left, so please book immediately to avoid disappointment:


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