Registration opens for "Opening the Sacred Text: Meaning, Materiality, Historiography"

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Dates: Monday 21 February 2022 – Wednesday 23 February 2022

Place:  Online, via a Zoom link that we'll send by email to registered participants 

How to register:  Using Eventbrite

Update: The programme is now online

We are delighted to announce that registration is now open for "Opening the Sacred Text: Meaning, Materiality, Historiography". Bringing together scholars from around the world, we will explore the decorative frontispieces and so-called carpet pages that are a remarkable feature of manuscripts from diverse cultures, including Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

The conference will run over three days (Monday 21 February 2022 – Wednesday 23 February 2022), with a 2pm GMT start each day. We hope that the timing and online format will make the conference accessible to as many people as possible.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Stewart J. Brookes: "Carpet Pages: What?"
  • Christine Bachman: "Holistic Visions: Connecting Book Covers and Ornamental Pages in Early Medieval Manuscripts"
  • William Endres, "An Insular Meditative Sequence: Sorting Out the Evolving Complexity of Interplay among Cross-Carpet and Other Decorative Pages as Preparation for Entering a Gospel"
  • Carol Farr, "Unravelling the Insular Carpet Page: Needs and Responses in Book Art"   
  • Elina Gertsman, "Untethered Image"
  • Jacopo Gnisci, "Woven Prayers: Carpet Pages in Ethiopian Manuscripts"   
  • Dalia-Ruth Halperin, "Reciprocal Ties Between the Calligraphic Frames in Sefardi Bibles and the Text and Images in their Micrography Carpets: Variant Regional Emphasis"
  • Julie Harris, "The Sense of an Ending: Finispieces in the Iberian Bible Codices"
  • Eva Hoffman, "The “Carpet Page”: A Space of Exchange Between Religion and Culture"
  • Cailah Jackson, "Opening the Islamic Book in Medieval Konya: Illuminated Pointed Ovals and Their Possible Sources"
  • Elvira Martín-Contreras, "Decorative and Textual: Carpet Pages in the Earliest Hebrew Bible Codices"
  • Bernard Meehan, "Roman Mosaics, Early Christian Architecture and the Books of Durrow and Kells"
  • Georgi Parpulov, "‘The Frontispiece Miniatures of the Oldest Arabic Gospel Book"
  • Anastasija Ropa, "Ornamental Frontispieces in Slavic Orthodox Gospels"
  • Rose Walker, "Opening Iberian Sacred Books from the Tenth to the Early Thirteenth Centuries"
  • Laura McCloskey Wolfe, "Mimesis and Metamorphosis in Irish Manuscript Illumination:  A Comparative Analysis of Metalwork Techniques and Textual Decoration in the Book of Durrow"  

We very much hope that you can join us and look forward to seeing you there,

Stewart J. Brookes and Julie Harris

(Images are from Bodleian Library, Kennicott 1, f. 123r and British Library, Cotton Nero D.iv, f. 2v)  


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