The Models of Authority team wish you a very HNY!

h (handwritten in a manuscript)a (handwritten in a manuscript)pp (handwritten in a manuscript)y (handwritten in a manuscript)

N (handwritten in a manuscript)e (handwritten in a manuscript)w (handwritten in a manuscript)

Y (handwritten in a manuscript)ea (handwritten in a manuscript)r (handwritten in a manuscript)

2015 was a good year for us, including being able to share our research with the launch of our website, and our popular Feature of the Month series. But... the excitement doesn't end there. We have a lot planned for 2016, including hundreds of images from a series of repositories and more monthly features. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy our material from the fabulous National Library of Scotland: clicking on any of the graphs above will take you to the NLS charter, showing the graph in context.

Have fun!!


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