Models of Authority at DH2016

The Models of Authority project was represented at the recent Digital Humanities conference in Krakow, Poland. We presented a poster there and had some very interesting and useful discussions, including the possibility of extending the model to other writing systems, perhaps even Mayan. The poster itself focussed on the work we've been doing to add texts to the palaeographical markup which allows many new searches, visualisations and other ways of accessing the material. The full abstract is now published, and the poster is below. The full-resolution poster is also available as a PDF (3.77 MB).

  • P.A. Stokes, S. Brookes, G. Noël, J.R. Davies, T. Webber, D. Broun, A. Taylor, and J. Tucker, J. 'The Models of Authority Project: Extending the DigiPal Framework for Script and Decoration', in Digital Humanities 2016: Conference Abstracts, ed. by Maciej Eder and Jan Rybicki (Krakow, 2016), pp. 896-99. Available at

Image of DH2016 poster

Models of Authority Poster, DH2016. Click to download full version (3.77 MB)


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